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Our beautiful little family and Terry th

Abi & Emma Hanks - Founders of Welsh Valley Soapery, invite you to find out a little more about the journey.


Founded in 2018 by Abi & Emma Hanks,


We moved to the Welsh Valleys in 2018, We''ve moved around a bit but originally we are from just over the border. Emma is from the City of  Bristol and Abi from Rural Herefordshire. It was the perfect place to be in between the 'mums' and 'grandparents'. We wanted our children to have the best of both worlds, with the wonderful history,  nature, and famed community spirit within the Valleys anf next door to the vibrant cities of Cardiff and Swansea, with the spectacular coastline of Wales just a short drive away. It was a perfect opportunity for our family.

Emma and I always dreamed of working with nature and running our own small business. However, I was a busy secondary School Teacher and Emma worked with Autistic adults. We both ended up worked part-time because we also had two young children.  

As we were planning our new life in Wales we were hit with a biggy.  Emma fell ill with a Brain Tumour, it was a life changer.  Not sure what to do, do we stay or go, what does the future hold. We decided to go for it!  We still had each other wherever we were. 

We moved to Wales  and  shortly after Emma had her life-saving surgery. I worked when I could as a supply teacher and looked after the children, and Emma began her long road to recovery.

As busy women with careers, a home to run and children to juggle, we never had the time or ingredients to create natural homemade products.   With the new circumstances we faced,  every cloud has a silver lining, we thought we could make the products everyone wants to make but don't have time! 


We spent any spare the time researching and creating soap recipes. Welsh Valley Soapery was a new twinkle in our eyes. After a good 9 months of research, practice, and trials our business was born!


We wanted to harness the power of nature and reflect the beauty of our surrounds in our products. We believe that natural products are better for your health and well being.  

We wanted to know what we were putting on our children's skin and what was going back into the environment.

As a family, we try to find a balance in the modern world to enjoy the freedoms of modernity and technology, whilst being mindful of the impact we have on our planet. We wanted to encourage our children to love all that nature can offer & create a healthier lifestyle for us all.  We moved to the Welsh Valleys to pursue our dreams & we haven't looked back since.


Happy soaking & soaping!


Abi & Em xx 

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