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Our Conditioners

I love my hair and I just couldn't manage without a good conditioner! 


At Welsh Valley Soapery, we think we've come up with a winning formula that is all natural, vegan, palm-free, plastic-free. Our conditioner bars are made using essential oils, cocoa butter, shea butter and vegetable wax. 


we have a range for all hair types that will leave your hair nourished, hydrated and tangle-free. They are long lasting, at least 65 washes, depending on hair type.  

They are so diverse they can be left on, for extremely dry hair or washed out depending on your type.

Why Condition?

Hair is delicate and damage can be done to hair from simple weather damage,  UV rays, chemicals, brushing to hard, backcombing, or heat treatments.

Conditioners are designed to make hair shiny,  manageable but more importantly to 'condition' and repair any damage to the hair strands. 

Good conditioners are designed to leave a trace, like an invisible veil on the hair.  The oils allow you to comb or brush your hair easily without damaging or breaking it.


Our formula does just that. It is a wax-based product, it evenly coats the strands of hair to protect the hair from further damage.


Love Your Conditioner

We have had amazing reviews about our conditioner bars and we hope you like them  too.

However, they are not a fly by night and they need a little time to get used to how much you should use for your hair type. Sometimes less is more.  

If you wet your bar and roll it in your palm onto your fingers, then apply with your  finger tips beginning from the tip towards the root.  If you have fine or oily hair only roll the bar once or twice. Apply to the end of your hair, avoid the scalp until you know how much to use. Nobidy wants an oil slick!

It may feel like you have very little product on your hand but trust me you will have enough. 

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